'Calm' Bracelet

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Blue Sea Sediment Jasper

The Imperial Jasper are wonderful stones for aligning the chakras . Reflecting the colours of the ocean these stones help to bring about calm and tranquility . Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer and supports during times of stress absorbing negative energy . Balances the Yin and Yang , grounds energies and is a wonderful protection stone . Use for the throat and heart chakra Green Sea Sediment Jasper is known for carrying a strong connection to the Earths energy , believed to relieve fatigue & exhaustion . Jasper is naturally a grounding stone and , bringing nurturing support in times of stress .


What Is howlite Stone Good For?

Patience and Calm

Howlite is most commonly thought of as a stone for patience and calm. As modern mystic Imani Quinn tells mbg, "It's typically known for helping you be able to slow down and have a sense of patience," adding that it's particularly helpful for moving through deep emotions and unrest.

The Bracelet Smooth and Comfortable

Stretch Band to Fot Most Sizes


The Bracelet are Between 25 and 29 cm