Minimal Black Agate Bracelet

€ 15,00

Minimal Black Agate Bracelet.

4mm stone, size 20cm.

Black agate - is an awesome stone for those in need of motivation to pursue their goals. A lot of us have big dreams, but many don’t believe in themselves enough to achieve them. With work, intentions, and focus, black agate helps you gain the self-belief needed to propel you into your chosen future. It supports you in reaching your potential and empowers you to become who you’ve always wanted to be. If you find yourself in a state where you’re unsatisfied, be it with your job, relationship, or just in general, then black agate gives you a chance to move past it and into what you want to achieve. It gives you the motivation to chase your true dreams and not submit to a life of stress and boredom out of fear of failure.