Natural Stone Bracelet

€ 18,00

ENERGY BRACELET FOR MEN - Gemstones offer a wide array of benefits and are often used in spiritual practices to restore energy, promote love, find purpose in life, reduce blood pressure, and balance your chakra.


Stone Power: 

Volcanic Lava - For some the energy that creates the lava symbolizes a rebirth. This makes it perhaps the perfect stone if you want to make some life changing decisions. The lava stone supports you in the rediscovering of yourself, supports you to act and stimulates to persevere when necessary. The stone helps you ground and balancing your emotions.

Melachite - This owerful gemstone aligns it's vibrations with the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra. Malachite encourages the wearer to take risks and teaches to take responsibility for one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. It balances mood swings, heals cramps  and boosts the immune system.

Hematite - This stone helps with optimism, will and courage, direct link to feelings of stability and security, induces a deep restful sleep, dissolves negativity and protects the soul. It is a calming stone, but also offers support for your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires.


The Bracelet Smooth and Comfortable

Stretch Band to Fot Most Sizes

Bracelet Length - 20 cm and 23 cm

Stone size - 6 mm